About us

SP Technologies’ staff takes great pride in offering the right solutions and components at the right price. And we focus on providing the right solution the first time. It has always been important to us to provide the best possible service, and we want all of our customers to benefit from that. We possess the greatest possible expertise in terms of safety, we are thorough when it comes to our preparatory work and we always provide a detailed quote that you can trust when you plan your projects. We offer to visit our customers to build strong relations and to ensure that we obtain the right information about assignments.


SP Technologies was founded in 2004 by Poul B. Jakobsen, who had taken a great interest in powder handling after having been employed with APV Anhydro. And he had realised that there was an opportunity to focus solely on quality components for powder handling. Over time our number of agencies has increased, which means that we now cover everything that has to do with powder and granulate handling. In addition to our own staff, we a have a close partnership with other companies that are involved in these types of plants such as forging firms and installation firms, power and automation companies, engineering firms and drawing firms. Several members of our staff have been with us from the beginning and had previous experience with powder and granulates before they joined SP Technologies.

Powder Handling

SP Technologies always bases its advice about choice of equipment on our great know-how of powder and granulates. Depending on the customer’s wishes and requirements we can supply components, individual machines, project engineering solutions and advice. By automating powder handling we create a healthy work environment by removing most of the heavy lifts and completely eliminating dust from the area where work is carried out. Our vacuum transport solution provides an easy and gentle process. We also have flexible screw conveyors. These processes are beneficial when one is dealing with troublesome types of powder because the operator avoids ergonomic risks and also avoids getting into contact with product. Moreover, the environment is not polluted. Better work conditions, reduction of loss and improved productivity are what we can help you with when you are to meet the challenges of powder handling.

Plants and systems from SP Technologies may include:

  • Big bag filling, big bag emptying and emptying of sacks
  • Sifting and separating particles in the dry and wet industry
  • Equipment for weighing and packaging
  • Mechanical and pneumatic transport systems
  • Mixing and dosing
  • Sugar/salt silo and silo outlet

We offer a wide range of products:

  • Milk powder and aroma substances
  • Baby food and lactose
  • Starch products, potato powder and potato and wheat flour
  • Spices, salt and sugar
  • Plaster, cement, fly ash, quartz, kaolinite and chalk
  • Plastic granulates and plastic powders