SP Technologies is the Danish agent for the German company Coperion, which is a part of the global concern Coperion Group. Coperion is very strong within development and production of transport components for the food industry and for the pharmaceutical industry. The company has a great focus on the customer’s hygiene and cleaning requirements, both of which are very important to these industries.

Coperion is also one of the leading suppliers of transport components for the plastic industry, and a large number of components are sold to the chemical industry. The company’s large and wide product program includes rotary valves and two-way divertes, and these components are known for their high quality and longevity.

Coperion has a large test plant that can be made available to our customers. And they offer a 24-hour service of their products, which is a valuable benefit. This is one of many things that SP Technologies has been pleased with throughout our long-lasting partnership with Coperion.


SP Technologies has a partnership with Flexicon, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of plants for handling of powders and granulates. The company offers tailor-made solutions and possesses vast knowledge of handling of many different types of products.

Flexicon is primarily a supplier to the food and chemical industries, but they also supply products to a range of other industries. They have a very flexible product programme within screw conveyors and filling and emptying of big-bags. The programme can be put together exactly as the customer wishes it to be. Flexicon also makes available test facilities to customers for free.

SP Technologies and Flexicon have collaborated about the Danish market for many years.


SP Technologies represents the German company HS-Umformtechnik in Denmark. The company has many years of experience of pipe bends with a large radius, pipe couplings, Y pieces and cones for pipe systems within pneumatic and vacuum transport.

Thanks to HS-Umformtechnik’s large stock, delivery time is short. In this way you can optimise your deliveries and make your purchases easier.

Their flexible production is also a guarantee of quick delivery of customer-manufactured parts.


Unique distribution of vibration screens from Separtech. Separtech specialises in manufacture of separation machines for filtering of fluids and classification of dry products. There is a unique technology behind any screen or separator.

All of Separtech’s staff have had a long career and possess unique knowledge of manufacture of screens and separators. SP Technologies also offers a physical test of the material for us to guarantee the right result and the right choice of a solution.


We are proud of representing PIAB’s vacuum conveyor systems in Denmark. 

PIAB is a well known Swedish company that develops vacuum components and systems for automation. Their unique solutions within vacuum transport of powder and granulate make allowances for the tough requirements of energy optimization, efficiency, readjustment and the environment. 

In Denmark PIAB is especially known for their solid vacuum conveyors for powder dosing. Please also see the homepage for our sister company PROVAK ApS with whom we have a close cooperation within vacuum transport solutions.