Go Green and Recycle Your Sifter Screens

If you want to invest in a sustainable and long-term screening solution, choose a sifter/ separator where the screens can be rescreened.

Not all types of screens can be recycled when they are worn out. It largely depends on how the screen is designed. Generally, screens consisting of a mesh and a steel frame can be recycled, regardless of their shape, size, or brand.

The process of removing the old mesh from the screen frame and installing a new one is called rescreening or remeshing. Both terms refer to the same process and are commonly used in the industry.

To ensure that your screens are recyclable, it’s important that the screen and frame can be separated. Reusable screens typically have a steel frame onto which the mesh is tightly stretched.

At SP Technologies, we highly recommend screens and separators from SEPARTECH, with whom we have positive experiences.

Three Good Arguments for Remeshing/ Rescreening of Sifter Screens

  • Recycle for a greener planet – Don’t toss away
  • Extend product lifespan
  • Save costs – reusing is cheaper than buying new ones
Moreover, it is crucial how and where you choose to have your screening mesh renovated. If the mesh is returned without proper tightening and with bulges, there’s a risk of a noticeable reduction in your screening capacity when you install it in your vibrating sieve. Feel free to reach out to us at SP Technologies for advice on how to recycle your screening mesh.

"Choosing products that can be recycled reduces the need to make new ones, saving resources."