Hygienic Extraction System for Rotary Valve

SP Technologies is proud to offer Coperion’s practical extraction system for rotary valves, making cleaning and inspection easier then ever before.

The brand-new FXL model from Coperion is a robust and user-friendly linear extraction system, providing quick and easy access to the inner parts of the rotary valve, even in very tight spaces where access is a challenge. The FXL model is particularly suitable for larger rotara valves with high hygiene requirements, regular cleaning, and easy access for inspection.

The FXS model is provided as Coperion’s standard extraction system and essentially meets the same crucial needs as the FXL model. The only significant difference is that the FXS version does not include a linear rail system for cell rotor extraction. The FXS model is, on the other hand, designed with a hinged side cover that can be swung aside when the rotary valve needs to be inspected or cleaned.

Read more about the new FXL model from Coperion.

Feel free to contact us and learn more about the advantages with the hygienic extraction system for rotary valves.


Extraction device FXL for rotary valve
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