SP Technologies has many years of experience of project engineering and supply of mechanical as well as pneumatic systems for powder transport. We have great expertise within powder and granulate handling and we supply several types of transport systems for these products. A pneumatic system is typically used for transport of powder over great distances or transport of large capacities. Pneumatic transport is used, for instance, by food as well as plastic companies. Mechanical powder handling by means of, for instance, screw conveyors and rotary valves, is also useful. Our vacuum transport solutions constitute easy and gentle processes, and these processes are beneficial when you are dealing with troublesome types of powder. Operators avoid ergonomic risks and product, and the environment avoids pollution. Better work conditions, reduction of loss and improved productivity are the things that we can help you with when you are to meet the challenges of powder handling. We always provide thorough and high quality service to our customers. We carry out project engineering and supply transport systems for many types of companies. We also supply a wide range of individual components such as rotary valves , gravity valves, two-way diverters, line diverters , gate valves, big bag emptying and filling stations, manual and automatic stop valves, pipe bends with a large radius, pipe couplings, Cones and Y pieces, wear-resistant pipe bends plus screening, sifting and separators.

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