Big Bag Discharger

The big bag emptying station means dust-free handling and easy emptying of big bag sacks. The emptying station comes in several different designs with different types of frames, depending on your requirements. The big bag frame can be supplied with an electrical hoist, a trolley and a lifting beam if a fork lift truck is not available for lifting the big bag sack into the frame. A 2-part frame and a lifting beam are also possible if your floor-to-ceiling height is limited.

The entire system is supplied in stainless steel and/or ordinary steel in a finish for industry, food or pharma.

The outlet container depends on the product’s further transport and we can supply two variants: an outlet for pneumatic or vacuum transport and an outlet for auger transport. We attempt always to deliver the container in the available standard sizes in order to keep costs down.

Various options for emptying station

We are suppliers of Flexicon’s big bag emptying station and offer the following products:

  • Tele Tube
  • Bag-Vac
  • Pop-Top
  • Flow-Flexer
  • Power Cincher.

By means of the Tele Tube you achieve a quick, easy and dustproof connection of the big bag outlet. If the big bag is connected to a double pipe, then you can connect dust extraction.

With the Bag-Vac you get a dust extraction filter that is installed directly on the big bag frame and connected to the outlet container so that dust/product stays in the system. After emptying the big bag sack Bag-Vac can make a vacuum in the sack and thereby suck all product dust into the filter so that a minimum amount of dust reaches the operator when he handles the empty sack.

With the Pop-Top, which is installed at the top of the big bag frame, and with the massage system Flow-Flexer, which pushes at the bottom of the big bag, it is ensured that products with poor flow properties are emptied out of the big bag sack more easily.

With the Flow-Flexer underneath the big bag which raises the bottom of the bag into a steep V-shape promoting material flow down into the discharge spout.

With the Power Cincher installed in the big bag frame it is ensured that the big bag outlet is closed in terms of the product stream; this means that you can subsequently take the big bag sack down even though it still contains product.