Big Bag and sacks

Big bag and sack emptying station

If you have big bag sacks as well as ordinary sacks that must be emptied, and if it is okay to mix these products or empty them individually into the buffer container, it is beneficial to install a combined big bag and sack emptying station. By means of this combined frame the space needed is minimised and costs are saved because only one frame needs to be set up.

The big bag frame is supplied with or without a crane system and can be installed on load cells.

Either an iris valve or a Power Cincher can be used when opening a big bag outlet. The iris valve is the cheapest one to install, but Power Cincher has the advantage that it can close the big bag outlet in the product stream so that the sprout can be tied and the big bag sack can be taken off even though it contains product.

The system can be supplied to customers within the food industry, the chemical industry, the plastic industry, the seed/grain industry and the pet food industry.