Big Bag Filling

We are suppliers of Flexicon’s solutions within Bulk Bag fillers and we provide filling stations from basis units with low capacities to semi-automatic filling systems with high capacities. We supply the solutions to various different industries such as the food industry, the chemical industry, the plastic industry, the seed/grain industry and the pet food industry.

Four types of big bag filling
Flexicon’s bulk bag filling station exists in three types: Twin-Centrepost, Rear-Post and Swing-Down, all of which meet all the requirements related to Bulk bag filling with a focus on safety, the environment and personal work conditions. All three designs are made of stainless steel and/or ordinary steel.

  • Inlet: dust-proof, inflatable Collor that secures and seals the big-bag inlet when filling is taking place.
  • Fan: sack is inflated in order to achieve complete unfolding and make sure that product is filled into all corners for maximum stability during transport.
  • Load cells: Load cells with a weighing amplifier ensure precise achieved weight or simply information on product content.
    Automated vibratory densification/ deaeration system:
  • Electric or pneumatic vibratory for ventilation of product in the sack so that as much product as possible can be filled in the sack. Floor are lifted and vibrations are isolated.
  • Dust extraction: A connecting pipe with a small powderfilter is the standard. The powderfilter can be removed and pipes can be connected to existing dust extraction system.

Twin-Centrepost is recommended for low or medium product capacities and frequent cleaning. The frame for this filling station is simple, strong, stable and not expensive to manufacture.

Rear-Post is ideal for connection of a roller conveyor and is a fast, stable and precise way of filling medium and large capacities. The filling head is mounting and provides access to big bag sacks from three sides.

Swing-Down is an innovative new way of making the filling process work where the filling head is lowered and swings down to the operator, thereby ensuring better ergonomic and safer work conditions when a big bag inlet is attached to the inflatable Collor and straps are attached to holding clips.

Even though the Basis Twin-Centrepost is the simplest big bag bulk bag filler that we can supply, it does have a dust-proof, inflatable Collor and a few options for height adjustment if you have different big bag heights. Big bag straps are manually attached and removed. This simple big bag filling station is ideal if your requirements of the filling station are minimal.

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