Revolutionary swing-down filling station that lowers the filling head so that the operator can place the big bag sack in a stand on the floor. This means that special allowances have been made for ergonomics and safety in relation to repetitive work.

The swing-down filling station represents a completely new way of thinking about the big bag filling process where the operator hangs the empty big bag on a stand on the floor, which is significantly better in terms of ergonomics and safety. At the same time capacity is increased.

When the operator connects the big bag inlet to the vertical filling head and hangs up the big bag straps, this takes place around 125 centimetres above the floor level. In this way the operator avoids stepping on and over the roller conveyors, and bending his head when the big bag inlet moves over the inflatable bellow. He also avoids stretching his arms in order to hang up straps.

When the big bag has been hung up, the filling head is lifted and at the same time the big bag is turned into a horizontal position to be filled. After it has been filled, the inlet and the straps are released automatically, the filling head is lifted and the full big bag leaves the filling station automatically on a roller conveyor.

  • The Swing-down filling station is supplied in stainless steel or in steel that has been painted black
  • Finish: industry, food or pharma
  • Has been designed for max. 1,800 kilos when the big bag is full
  • Can be supplied with vibratory densification to stabilize the bag and with load cells for precise weighing