Disc conveyor/Tubular Cable Conveyors

A disc conveyor – also known as a tubular cable conveyor or a cable conveyor – provides gentle and safe transport of bulk material. The material moves gently through a smooth stainless steel pipe by means of low friction polymer discs that are fastened to a stainless steel cable. A wheel in the one end of the system propels the disc and the cable, which is put under tension by a wheel at the other end. This design allows for a single or several inlets and outlets and also means that conveyor tubing can be placed horizontally, vertically or in any other angle through small holes in walls and ceilings.

The components are modular, which means that inlets and outlets can be added, removed or relocated, and the circuit can be extended, shortened or rerouted as needs change. This type of transport is a very gentle way of transporting powder, ingredients, finished raw materials such as breakfast products, chips, tablets, etc.

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