Gate Valves/Discharge Valves

Discharge valves – or slide gates – are ideal for controlling discharge of powder or vapours from tanks, mixers or containers. Discharge valves are often used in the powder industry where powder materials are handled or transported in pipe systems, especially in pneumatic transport systems such as vacuum transport or in mechanical screw conveyors, etc., which is also supplied by SP Technologies.

We can supply Coperion discharge valves or Vortex slide gates. The Vortex slide gates were designed and constructed with two main principles in mind:

  1. Extending the valve’s longevity
  2. Carrying out maintenance without taking the valve out of the line

Discharge valves are used by many industries, including the industries involved in chemicals, cement, coal, food, frac-sand, grain, minerals, petro chemistry, pharmaceutical products, plastic, polymer, rubber and mining.

Discharge valves from Coperion can be installed under a silo/container with granulate products, and they can be supplied in two versions: FUS and FUH.