Manual emptying station/Bag Dump station

A manual emptying station from Flexicon makes it possible to collect dust via a filter unit and in this way reduce waste of product and prevent the dust from reaching the operator. When the operator empties the sacks/bags into the emptying station’s buffer container and there is dust, then the emptying station’s filter unit collects the dust. A ventilator sucks the dusty air away from the operator through two filter bags that are installed at the back of the emptying station. The filter system is supplied with an automatic cleaning cycle that helps keep the filter bags clean. Dust/product from the filter units is returned to the buffer container.

Various options for your requirements

The emptying station’s buffer container can be supplied in various standard sizes with various different outlets, depending on what is going to happen with the product. A outlet to a pneumatic conveying system, a screw conveyor or process equipment can be connected to the emptying station.
A sack compactor can be built on the side of the emptying station so that the operator avoids handling the empty sack/bag in the room where he works; instead he can hand the sack/bag through the pipe to the sack compactor. Dust from the compressed sack/bag can be collected by the filter unit system.
The manual emptying station can be supplied in painted black steel or stainless steel (industry or food finish).

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