Pipe bends

Elbows are used in vacuum and pneumatic transport systems in many industries such as the food, plastic, seed/grain and chemical industries. Pipe bends with a large radius provide gentle transport of products and less wear on the pipes itself.

Bends are supplied in stainless steel or aluminium. Our supplier is a specialist in cold-bent without any pleats on CNC-mandrel machines. Diameter of ø38 mm to ø206 mm with a perfect result.

Pipe bends without start-up dents and scratches. Completely absolutely wrinkle-free, no start-up bulges and with extremely low ovality.

We can supply elbows made of stainless steel, elbows made of aluminium, wear-resistant bends and elbows with a long pipe end. The various bends are supplied with a radius from 70mm and up to 1,500 mm and in an angle of 45º or 90º. The radius is dependant on pipe diameter. Wear of the bend itself is often seen – especially when it comes to vacuum and pneumatic transport of products that cause wear. In order to avoid repeated replacements of the bend we can supply various types of wear-resistant bends. We can supply a stainless bend with an internal, wear-resistant coating, a double-pipe bend or glass bends.

All bends are supplied with a straight pipe end so that installation with a coupling or flange is possible. Save time spent on installation by quickly and easily assembling the pipe and the bends with pipe couplings. This is a very efficient and long-lasting solution, and, when a coupling is used, welding is also minimised.

hs-Umformtechnik has a large stock, which means that the delivery time is short. Their flexible production is also a guarantee of quick delivery of customer-manufactured parts. If you require bends with a larger radius and other angles than we have described here, then please contact us and let us tell you about the solutions that we can supply.