Pipe couplings

Pipe couplings connect two pipes with the same diameter without further effort. Pipes and bends are used in vacuum and pneumatic transport systems in many industries such as the food, plastic, seed/grain and chemical industry. Our pipe bends are supplied with a straight pipe end, which means that assembly with couplings is easy.

By using pipe couplings, materials as well as time is saved in terms of assembly and separation. Welding a flange to the pipe takes time, and, subsequently, cleaning as well as inspection of the pipes is relatively complicated and time-consuming. The use of couplings minimises the need for welding. The internal gasket in the pipe coupling means that the coupling is tight in terms of dry products while a clip ensures a ground connection between the pipes. A pipe coupling is very easy to install, and it is a long-lasting solution.

Different coupling types and lengths to meet your need

Dependant on the type of coupling and the pipe diameter, a coupling can withstand a pressure of up to 20 bars. We have different pipe couplings in several lengths such as DVK-HD, DVK-6, stainless variants and quick clamp pipe couplings. The pipe couplings can be supplied with traction relief, which means the pipes are held in place.

If pipes are to be separated often, we recommend couplings with a quick closing function. We supply different types of quick clamp pipe couplings with two clamping handles that can be locked in any position. Our couplings can quickly and easily be opened or closed.

Thanks to our supplier’s large stock of couplings made of aluminium, delivery time is short. Ask about pipe couplings made of stainless steel.