Pneumatic feeding station/powder pump

A Pneumatic feeding station – or a powderpump, as some people like to call it – is the pump in a pneumatic transport system for powder and granulate products and is mainly used in connection with high pressure transport systems (1-4 bars gauge pressure). This transport method is used for large capacities and long distances and for difficult and heavy (not always fluidizing) products. The main part is a pressure tank that has been approved in accordance with the pressure equipment directive.

Simple and compact design that needs only a minimum of maintenance

The Pneumatic feeding station with simple, compact design has only one movable part and therefore requires only a minimum of maintenance. It can be installed in ATEX zones and can withstand the high temperatures that are a part of many processes.

At the top the container has a stop-valve where the product is poured in. The valve provides a leakage-proof stop and requires only little maintenance. At the bottom of the container is a flange that makes it possible to dismantle the bottom section for inspection and cleaning. The ejector is also to be found in the bottom section; it mixes air and product.

During the running-in procedure the respective distribution valves are adjusted and locked in terms of air, and during production all functions are controlled and monitored by the control system.

Pulverpumpe til håndtering af pulver og granulater