Rotary Valves

“Rotary feeder, rotary valve, drop-through valve, blow-through valve, rotary discharge valve, rotary cell and wheel valve are all terms used by customers to describe a rotary valve.

Rotary valves are used for dosing products in pneumatic and vacuum transport pipes, as well as dosing products from containers, silos, big bags or sack loading.

Coperion’s rotary valves stand out for their exceptional quality and durability. Crafted with years of experience, extensive expertise and a commitment to continous and dedicated improvement and product development, these valves ensure a reliable performance.

Customers from around the world in the food, plastic, chemical, and mineral industries acknowledge and value the high quality associated with Coperion’s rotary valves.”

Rotary Valves for High Hygiene and Cleaning Standards

“Experience international and innovative solutions, with a dedicated emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. Coperion’s hygiene rotary valves are designed for applications where stringent hygiene and cleaning standards are crucial. These rotary valves are often used for products such as baby food and milk powder.”

The hygienic CIP-valve is designed according to EHEDG guidelines for wet cleaning and is intended for fully automated CIP cleaning without subsequent manual disassembly, inspection, and cleaning. The risk of contamination is minimized when the valve remains closed.”

“We offer certified rotary valves to meet stringent requirements for hygiene, flame resistance, and ATEX compliance. When dealing with abrasive products, Coperion provides a range of solutions for internal wear protection in both the valve housing and rotor, ensuring enhanced protection and an extended operational life.

Coperion’s valves are distinguished by a spacious inlet with minimized constriction to prevent material buildup and to ensure optimal capacity. Moreover, our rotary valves feature a specialized extraction system, facilitating the quick and easy removal of the rotor for inspection and cleaning. The extraction system includes a hinged side cover that swings away from the valve, offering optimal access and reducing manual service time.

Discover our selection of rotary valves from Coperion below, encompassing various drop-through valves, blow-through valves and hygienic CIP discharge valves along with accessories tailored to meet specific customer product, application, and performance requirements.”


Extraction device FXL for rotary valve
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