Sampler valves

Sampler, Sampler valves, test valve and sample taker are terms used by customers when they talk about a sampler that is installed when small samples are to be taken of their powder and granulate products for analysis. The sampler can also be installed in downpipe systems where there is no pressure.

Sampler from Coperion manufactured in high quality materials

We supply the sample taker PN-80 from Coperion to several industries such as the food, plastic, chemical, seed/grain and pet food industry. The sample taker PN-80 is supplied with a mounting flange and in a standard version or in a food version with clamps for quick dismantling and cleaning. A sampler in the food version is supplied in the material AISI304 or AISI316 where parts in contact with the product are polished Ra=0,8µm. Certificates are supplied along with the sampler.

The sampler from Coperion are made of high quality materials and have a long life and is designed on the basis of many years of experience, great know-how and development carried out by Coperion.