Screw conveyors

The SCREW CONVEYOR from Flexicon is flexible and easy to install and incurs low service costs. It contains only one movable part: a spiral that is propelled by an electrical motor. The benefits of a SCREW CONVEYORS are low cost, limited maintenance and modest use of energy. In addition, it can be used in several places. Read about more benefits via the link below.

Technical specifications:
  • Design: the screw feeder contains only one movable part – the spiral that is propelled by an electrical motor
  • Material: stainless steel and/or ordinary steel
  • Finish: industry, food or pharma
  • Size: Pipe ø68 mm to ø219 mm
  • Installation: vertical, horizontal or over, under or around constructions through small holes in the walls or in the ceiling
  • Cleaning: quick dismantling of screw feeder and spiral for cleaning
  • Dust: closed screw feeder system – completely dust-free
  • Service: no internal bearings, cables, chains, or other problematic components that are worn, break or require service
  • Mobile: the flexible screw feeder can be supplied as a stationary item or in a mobile stand

Several good reasons for choosing a flexible screw feeder.