Does your product have a tendency to form lumps when it is stored in an outdoor silo? Do you have problems getting your product out of an outdoor silo?

The problem is cold silo walls and condensation that makes product and dust stick to the silo walls plus the forming of lumps. We see these problems in relation to products such as sugar and salt that is stored in outdoor silos.

SP Technologies has the solution

Dry products are easy to work with, which is why a silo must be protected against differences in temperature that can lead to formation of condensation, and the product must also have a constant degree of humidity. This is ensured by means of efficient insulation of the silo walls and by means of heating up the silo walls with circulating air in spaces between the silo and the insulation. As a supplement a dehumidifier can be established that can help ensure dry conditions inside the silo.

Indoor silos should be placed under heated conditions; this makes insulation of the silos unnecessary.

SP Technologies projects and supplies silos in stainless steel with the volume that the customer needs. When you decide on the size of your silo you should, as a minimum, have a surplus capacity corresponding to 2-3 days’ consumption in order to ensure that you have enough product until you receive new supplies.

Recommendations for silos for sugar and salt

SP Technologies recommends that the supply of silos for sugar and salt includes the following equipment:

  • Supply pipe
  • Filter unit
  • Explosion relief (not for salt)
  • Level control
  • Humidity sensor
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Human gate
  • Vibrating silo outlet
  • Manual stop valve for service
  • Ladder for the top of the silo
Silo til håndtering af pulver og granulater