Two-Way Diverter Valves

Two-way Diverter Valve, diverter, changeover valve, diverter valve, Y-valve, CIP-diverter, and drop valve. All these words are terms that customers use when they talk about a diverter valve. A Two-way Diverter Valve disperses or gathers products in pneumatic and vacuum transport systems. High quality Two-way Diverter Valves from Coperion with a long life Two-way Diverter Valves from Coperion are made of high quality materials and have a long life. They are designed on the basis of many decades of experience, great know-how and development carried out by the company itself. Customers all over the world in the food, seed/grain, pet food and chemical industry highly value the high quality of the diverter. The incredibly popular diverter valve WZK has been manufactured since the 1960s and has been renewed and further developed a couple of times. This diverter is so popular that several customers have had almost 90 of them installed. We would like you to benefit from this innovative solution that has a focus on cleaning and hygiene of diverter valve that are often used for products such as baby food and milk powders and where repeated product shifts and problematic products require regular cleaning of plants. The hygiene two-way valve WYK-CIP was designed in accordance with the EHEDG guidelines for wet cleaning and is intended for fully automatic CIP cleaning without subsequent manual dismantling, inspection and cleaning. There is a minimal risk of contamination if the diverter valve is not opened. All diverter are supplied including a pneumatic actuator and magnet valves/ a limit switch/a signal box ready to be installed. Certification requirements relating to hygiene and ATEX can also be met. Large selection of two-way diverters for your requirements We can supply several types that fit your requirements and to several industries. See the selection of two-way diverters from Coperion below. Among other things, we supply two-way diverters such as WZK, WHK and WEK and diverter made for products that cause wear, various diverters and the hygienic change diverters WYK-ZIP.