Two-way diverter valves for products that cause wear

When customers are to transport products that cause wear in the pipes, we focus strongly on the choice of Diverter, so the two-way diverter is supplied with the correct internal wear protection and thus achieves improved longevity.

The internal wear protection ranges from stainless steel to hardened steel 100CR6 and tungsten carbide, which provides the best possible protection. We supply the Two-way Diverter Valves WZK and WRK.

Technical specifications for WZK and WRK:
  • Double-pipe diverter in a cylindrical design
  • Size DN50 to DN250
  • Differential pressure: 5 bars
  • Single pipe diverter in a conical design
  • Size DN100 til DN250
  • Differential pressure: 4 bar

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