Two-way diverter

The Two-way diverters are used when product is to be dispersed or gathered in pneumatic and vacuum transport systems or where product in gravity pipes is to be separated and sent to two destinations.

We are pleased to supply this popular diverter that has been manufactured since the 1970s. It is an innovative diverter made for customers where repeated product shifts and problematic products require regular cleaning of plants.

A great deal of different types of the Two-way diverter exist, so please contact us and we will find the diverter that fits your product and the purpose for which you need it. We supply our products to several industries such as the food, plastic, pharma, chemical, seed/grain and pet food industry.

Technical specifications for the various two-way diverter:
  • Double pipe diverter in a cylindrical design
  • Size DN50 to DN250
  • Differential pressure: 5 bars
  • Single pipe diverter in a conical design
  • Hygienic diverter for fully automatic CIP cleaning
  • Size DN65 to DN125
  • Differential pressure: 5 bars
  • Single-pipe diverter in a cylindrical design
  • Can be wet-cleaned (COP version)
  • Size DN150 to DN350
  • Differential pressure: 3 bars
  • Compact single-pipe diverter in a cylindrical design
  • Size DN100 to DN400
  • Differential pressure:6 bars

Please contact us for further information and a data sheet.

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