Vacuum conveying

PIAB vakuumtransport Danmark

Vacuum conveyors, powder transport systems (PTS) handle many granulated materials, powder and pigment under vacuum in the dilute phase or the dense phase, through a pipe or a tube.
Vacuum conveyors are easy to install and very simple in terms of control. Vacuum transport helps keep the production environment clean and prevent waste of product.

Thanks to constant improvement of the technology, design that has eliminated explosion risks and a focus on good sanitary solutions, vacuum transport is today the preferred choice in many industries: vacuum transporters are capable of transporting fine dust with particle sizes of 0.1 µm up to large tablets, sweets or bottle caps. They are good for strongly abrasive powder materials, mixes and lightweight filling materials. They also work well with metal powders with a bulk density of 10 kg/l.

Vacuum transport for safe and reliable powder handling

This type of transport makes all powder handling in production processes safe and reliable, makes the production staff’s work easier and improves conditions in the workplace. Go for vacuum transport systems if you want to do things in an easy and safe way. We supply various solutions within vacuum conveying in partnership with PIAB. 

We supply simple vacuum conveyors that you can easily integrate yourself, but we also offer solution-oriented systems. We provide installations and maintenance on all PIAB vacuum conveyors. 20 years of experience of installing vacuum conveyors from PIAB.