How does the vacuum conveyor from PIAB work?

Vacuum is established by means of compressed air through COAX® technology or mechanical pumps (not shown on the images): (1) the bottom valve (2) is closed and the vacuum in the container (3) and the transport line rises (4). The product is transported from the feeding station (5) into the transport line and then to the container. The filter (6) protects the pump and the surrounding area against dust and small particles. During the transport time the shock tank (7) is filled with compressed air. At a preset or automatic point the pump is turned off, the transport is stopped and the bottom valve (2) is opened. The product is let out at the same time as the air shock is activated and compressed air cleans the filter of dust and small particles.

When the pump starts again, the process is repeated and a new cycle begins. The given suction time and emptying time are usually controlled by a pneumatic or an electric control system or fully automatic by means of the new PLC systems.