Vibration screens and separators

Vibration screens and separators can help classify almost all types of powder. By means of screens and separators you can discard powder dust and control the grain size of a powder. Separtach specialises in manufacture of separation machines for filtering of fluids and classification of powder material. There is a unique technology behind any screen or separator and this requires extensive experience in terms of dimensioning and qualification of solutions.

All members of staff with Separtech have had a long career within manufacture of screens and separators and possess unique knowledge in this field. And SP Technologies offers a physical test of your material, which means that we can always guarantee the right result and the right solution.

Screens and separators for several processes in industry

We supply screens and separators for many processes in industry. And we carry out a complete test of your powder to make absolutely sure that the assignment has been performed correctly and that the solution lives up to the requirements of separation.

Below you can read more about the various different solutions that we can supply such as screens for powder and fluids, tumble sieves and spare parts. We have the solution no matter if you need round vibration screens or a separator or large, rectangular big capacity vibrating screens.