Vibration screens for fluids

By means of vibration screens for fluids you can separate solids from fluids or separate dry materials in different sizes.

Wastewater treatment is not limited to only one or a few processes. Many industries produce some kind of waste liquid and the main part of these fluids require cleaning to a certain extent. Factories all over the world depend on separation equipment in order to clean wastewater. No matter if the application is food, paper, cleaning of clothes or agriculture, there is usually a challenge in terms of wastewater.

Installation of screens in your production with liquid products such as, for instance, chocolate, whey or oil ensures that lumps are discarded and ensures that you retain the liquid texture that you want.

Particles as small as 400 mesh (37 micron) can be screened with up to 4 screens incorporated into a SEPARTECH separator. In connection with installation of screens there are no special requirements of flooring or foundation. An efficient design requires little energy to make the screens vibrate and also means that the lifetime of the screens is extended.

Read more about screens for fluids in this brochure and application table.

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