Y pieces, T-pieces and Cones

Y pieces, T pieces and cones are used, among other places, in vacuum cleaning systems and in vacuum and pneumatic transport systems within many industries such as the food, plastic, seed/grain, pet food and chemical industry. The parts are laser-cut by means of modern, automatic laser machines, which means that they are very precise when they are welded together by the automatic welding robot. The parts can be supplied welded with or without food standard.

Y pieces, T pieces and Cones in various sizes and angles

Y pieces and T pieces are supplied in a diameter up to ø206 and in the angles 30º, 45º or 90º. The total length depends on the diameter. Y and T pieces are also manufactured with the angled part in a other pipe dimension than the continuous pipe section itself. The largest diameter of the konusser that we supply is ø154. The angle on the transition between the two pipes that are welded together is always 21º, and the total length is 120-450 mm, depending on the diameter.

When products that cause wear are transported, the Cone, the Y piece and the T piece can get worn. In order to avoid repeated replacements of these parts we can supply them in a wear-resistant version: made of stainless steel with an internal wear-resistant coating. Cone and Y pieces made of glass are also possible. All Cones, Y pieces and T pieces are supplied with a straight pipe end, which means that installation by means of coupling is easy and quick. Thereby time spent on installation is minimised, and, if coupling is applied, welding is minimised.

Thanks to our supplier’s large stock, the delivery time for parts welded is short. The flexible production is also a guarantee of quick delivery when it comes to customer-manufactured parts.