Our customer had a request to fill products into big bags with a height of 2400 mm and to achieve the best ergonomic conditions for the operator.
The customer’s filling line consists of machines supplied partly by the customer themselves and partly by SP Technologies.

The complete filling line includes:
• Pallet magazine
• Big bag filling station
• Conveyors

In collaboration with the customer, it was determined that it would be most cost-effective for the customer to acquire the pallet magazine and conveyors themselves, ensuring they are of the same brand as existing ones in the factory.


SP Technologies was responsible for supplying the big bag filling station, which is the latest innovative patented Swing-Down big bag filling station from Flexicon.

The filling station is designed for medium to high filling capacities.

The biggest advantage with the patented swing-down big bag filling station is the feature where the filling head is brought down to the operator at ground level for quick and safe attachment of the big bag spout and straps.


Optimal Ergonomic work position

The best ergonomic working position is achieved when the filling head is leveled to face the operator at precise vertical position. Bringing the filling head to the operator at ground level increases safety and speed in mounting the big bag spout to the inflatable bellows, which secures the inlet during filling.

A push button for controlling the air to the inflatable bellows is mounted on the filling head stand and is easily accessible to the operator. This eliminates the need for the operator to stand on the conveyor/platform and stretch to hook the big bag straps onto the hooks that secure the big bag during filling.

Process Description

Using the control panel, the operator “calls” for a pallet.  The pallet rolls automatically onto the Swing-Down filling station, and a photocell signals the exact position stop. Once the operator has attached the big bag spout and straps, he activates a buttom manually. The filling head is hereby leveled to the predetermined height for filling position. Hereafter, the big bag is inflated automatically to prevent folds and to ensure a complete bag filling for optimized stability.

Below the bulk bag filling station, load cells are installed for precise weight control. A filling signal is activated, and the screw conveyor starts. As the weight approaches the target, the screw speed decreases. When the desired weight is registered, the load cells send a signal that put the screw conveyor to a stop.

During the filling, the vibrating deck is activated. The vibrating deck is mounted under the filling stand and helps vibrate the air out of the product, creating a solid and stable big bag content ready for storage.

The customer was very satisfied to experience that the vibrating deck was much more effective than expected.

When the big bag is full, the inflatable bellows and bag hooks are automatically released, and the filling head is raised automatically to the clear position. The Swing-Down filling station is now ready to receive a signal for a new filling process.

The full big bag automatically rolls out onto the roller conveyor, ready for the operator to tie the string around the bag spout and ready for transport to storage.

The Swing-Down filling station is made of stainless steel suitable for food contact. Metalic parts without food contact are painted steel.

Order Process

When an order is placed, the process begins with drawing the equipment, and a drawing is sent to the customer for approval before production is initiated.

The customer-approved drawing is part of the full comprehensive documentation, which along with certificates, is electronically forwarded to the customer.

Swing-Down Bulk Bag Filler
Swing-Down Big Bag FIller