Screw Conveyor

Our customer has bags of powdered sugar that need to be emptied, as well as oatmeal mix that needs to be transported up to the inlet of a filling machine.

Since the customer already has an existing bag loading system with an integrated sieving function, they only demand a dosing screw to be supplied by SP Technologies.


The screw is required to handle powdered sugar 80 % of the time and oatmeal mix for the remaining 20 %. The requirement for the dosing screw is that all parts in contact with the product are food-grade and documented with certification.

The screw is easy to clean, as the screw spiral can be easily detached from the motor and pulled out opposite to the motor end. This provides optimal access to the interior screw pipe for cleaning, as well as cleaning of the spiral.

The screw comes with an inlet flange, allowing it to be bolted onto an existing sieve, and it features flexible screw pipes that curve to minimize installation space. The screw has a diameter of ø67 mm and a capacity of 0.3 m³/hour. The customer is responsible for suspending the screw at the motor end.