The end customer was an Irish dairy and ingredient company that ordered a complete mixing system from one of our Danish customers. SP Technologies provided our customer with 3 big bag emptying stations:
  • 1 pcs. for emptying big bags with dark powder
  • 2 pcs. for emptying big bags with white powder.

The three big bag emptying stations are positioned above two mixing tanks where the products are blended with liquid.

The product from one emptying station can be emptied into both mixing tanks via a 2-way diverter valve that distributes the product. The diverter valve has a symmetrical outlet, and a pneumatic-driven actuator determines the product direction. The valve is equipped with a magnetic switch and a pre-wired terminal box.

All product-contacting parts are designed for food contact.

The big bag emptying station has an ergonomic working height and comes with an integrated filter unit and a fan that prevents dusty air from reaching the operator.

This solution reduces product waste as the filters collect the dust and return the product to the buffer container.

An automatic cleaning cycle helps keep the filter cartridges clean. The filter cartridges can be easily replaced by removing the inner protective screen.

Without the need for tools, the retaining screw is loosened, and the filter can be removed.

The three big bag emptying stations are supplied with product-contacting parts in stainless steel with a food-grade finish.