Transport of Salt from Silo to Weighing Container

SP Technologies has supplied a salt transport system to a Danish customer. The salt is delivered by truck to an outdoor silo, from which it is pneumatically conveyed through pipelines to an indoor weighing container. From there, it is dispensed into a mixing tank where liquid is added.


The transport system which was delivered by SP Technologies consists of a silo dosing system, a pneumatic conveying system and a weighing system.

At the outlet of the silo, a manual service gate valve was installed, below which a complete blow-through valve with a capacity of 4000 kg/hour was mounted, dosing the salt into the pneumatic conveying line. A capsule blower with a soundproof cabinet was installed indoors, and through a piping system with large-radius bends equipped with cost-effective couplings, the salt was blown 40 meters into a weighing container.

The weighing container, with a gross volume of 1000 kg, was mounted on a stand supported by three load cells. At its outlet, a frequency-controlled drop-through valve was installed to ensure precise dosing of salt into the mixing tank. The weighing container was supplied without a filter unit. Blowing air and dust are redirected via a separate piping system to the filter on the outdoor silo.

To achieve a longer service life, the dosing valves are equipped with a sealed pump on the shaft passage to prevent product leakage into seals and bearings.

All product-contact parts are supplied in AISI 316L material, along with food-grade certification.

Transport af salt fra silo til vejebeholder_250x250