At an incineration plant in Greenland, the customer has dry fly ash that needs to be collected in big bags. The fly ash is delivered through an existing dosing screw.

Due to height restrictions, a standard big bag filling station stand cannot fit, and considerations had to be made for access conditions involving a staircase and a door leading to another room.

Solution for Big Bag Filling Head

The customer’s big bag measures 800x800x1500 mm and has 4 corner straps.

SP Technologies has provided a custom-designed big bag filling head with a stand that the customer mounts on the wall and ceiling themselves.

The filling head consists of a bellows where the operator pulls the big bag inlet and then inflates the bellows to achieve a dust-tight connection.

The operator manually hooks the big bag straps onto the hooks of the stand, and during takedowns, it is necessary for the pallet with the full big bag to be lifted with a forklift so the operator can unhook the straps. A simple and cost-effective solution.

An operational panel for the inflatable bellows is included in the solution, as the customer wants to mount it where it is easily accessible for the operator.

The entire system is delivered in painted steel.