Gate Valve Quantum Orifice Gate

The Quantum Orifice Gate valve is manufactured with an oblong plate with a hole in one end. The plate can be moved back and forth, whereby the valve is opened. In addition to the benefits of a traditional gate valve, this valve also has other benefits:

  • 100% dust-proof
  • Self-cleaning (no build-up of powder on the gate/gasket surfaces)
  • The valve is tight both ways (pressure and vacuum on the same valve)
  • Change of gaskets is possible without taking the valve out of the system.

Technical specifications:

  • Differential pressure: 1 barg (15 psig)
  • Size: DN50 to DN400
  • Approvals: CE, ATEX, FDA
  • Gaskets: change of gaskets from the side
  • Function: Automatic or manual
  • Material: steel castings, aluminium or stainless steel

Technical description

Spadeventil Quantum Orifice Gate