To streamline the distribution of protein powder in the production process, we have supplied several 2- and 4-way diverter valves to a customer in the Danish food industry.

In total, the following was installed:
• 7 units of DN100 4-way diverter valves.
• 4 units of DN50 4-way diverter valves.
• 4 units of DN50 2-way diverter valves.


To minimize the weight of the diverter valve, it is constructed with an aluminum housing. All product-contacting parts, as well as the inlet and outlet pipes, are made of stainless steel AISI304. The diverter valve blade glides between wear-compensating polymer plates. The diverter valve features a straight-through tube design for easy assembly of multiple valves in a line. The double-acting air cylinder is equipped with a magnetic piston and limit switches for position indication. Certificates for food contact and ATEX compliance are included.
2- og 4-vejs skiftespor
2- og 4-vejs skiftespor